Medusa with your stubborn hair

Turns men to stone

For a crime you didn’t commit

And no one asks you

About your own story

Or what it’s like to live

In the wintery depths

Of earths watery edges.

Medusa with your beautiful, stubborn hair

You live in my belly

Your serpentine locks

Singing the unspoken songs

Of every child who knows

what it is to have those who you love,

those whose job it was to protect,

and instead they turned away.

Medusa, my beautiful sister

With your illuminated tendrils

of underwater fire scapes

They call you a monster,

a demon, a menace.

We will take your anger,

your energy, your power,

Not as a threat but a blessing.

And we will not ask you to die

Neither to bear the burdens of Zeus

Nor for the innocent wishes of little girls

Not yet initiated by the look

Of an elder who knows

His touch will not be punished,

Who knows his choices will change you forever.

Medusa, Medusa

We, your sisters and brothers

Who know that love can live

Beyond the torments of incest,

abuse, and denial,

Most lovely Medusa

Whose beauty surprises us

We will dare to look

And ask

And love.

We who recognize

The truth of your being

In depths of our own psyches,

We will not abandon you.

You are never alone.

b. turner 2011