Decimation gets a write up in Rock, Paper, Shotgun!

We got a bit of press coverage yesterday, and an opportunity to answer some questions about the game. Feel free to check out the comments section. So great to be getting a positive response and interest! Obviously, people would like to see a bit more of the 4X aspects of the game, so thats where the team is focusing for the moment.

Well, not me. I’m not a programer. I’m thinking about duct tape and it’s importance in a post apocalyptic world. I’m also wondering how gaming might serve our needs for initiation in a culture that has lost it’s rights of passage, but thats a long thought, likely to take a while. Most importantly, I’m working on some of the smaller NPC factions (Non-Player Characters). The game has room for a bit of humor, and the post-apocalyptic world is gnarly, both of which I find immensely satisfying.

Cheers all!

And thanks again for your interest!


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