Decimation’s Indiegogo Campaign Goes Live!

So exciting! Decimation is live on Indiegogo! 

Come check out the game so far: Visit Decimation’s Indiegogo campaign, where we discuss the general game concept and some of the game features. Video is posted there. Some of what we’re showing is a little raw, while other things have more polish, which is to be expected at this point. I’m excited about the perks, and the referral contest, hopefully a little something for everyone.

I hope you’ll visit the campaign, as well as our web site and the facebook page. Feel free to ask us any anything you’d like to know. We’re more than happy to answer questions about where we are in the process, game features, the team, and anything else, as long as it isn’t a spoiler!

Here is an official blurb: 

Decimation is a post-apocalyptic video game combining elements of Real Time Strategy, 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) and Role Playing Games into an experience immersive enough to satisfy hardcore strategy gamers, yet accessible enough to be enjoyed by casual gamers.

In this initial offering, the story unfolds through three chapters of game play. Apart from the main storyline, the player will have the option to explore the side stories of the player’s team of in-game advisors. Doing so can guide the player through the exploration of other areas of the game world and its history, unlock lost technologies, and help reveal the motives of other non-player characters and factions. The map spans 400,000 square miles / 640,000 square kilometers. That’s a game world about twice the size of Texas.

Thanks for your interest,



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